M1 Corrugated Sheet Brass

M1 Corrugated Sheet Brass

Product no.: M.1

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Corrugated brass pieces, for roofing sheets, fences and cladding.

Each hand-made piece is approx 32x10mm in size, and corrugated on a 1.5mm pitch (the pitch is the width across one complete corrugation).

Each pack contains 10 pieces of sheet.


For O scale that would be about 4' 6" long by 17" wide, with small corrugations (e.g. put it on a compost bin)

For OO scale would be the equivalent of a sheet 8' long by 2' 6" wide, with medium corrugations (e.g. shed roof, or fencing)

For N scale would be a 16' long by 5' wide sheet with large industrial sized corrugations (e.g. industrial unit/warehouse roofing)


Photos : the photo shown with the greenhouse etc is a small diorama using a few kits. The fence at the back is made from the corrugated brass sheets, with matchsticks for fence posts and strips of cardboard for the horizontal rails. I stuck it together with dots of epoxy, then distressed it a bit on the top edge for a few dents, then primered & painted with acrylics.

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