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Kits suitable for 1:12 scale.


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T13 Toy Castle

Product no.: T13

A kit to make a toy castle

In stock

T14 Bunches of Keys

Product no.: T14

An etched kit for bunches of keys

Out of Stock

T9 Dish Drainer

Product no.: T.9

Kit to make a 12th scale dish drying rack

In stock

T10 Snowflakes Decorations

Product no.: T10

A kit to make 12th scale snowflake christmas decorations

In stock

T1 Cantilever Toolbox

Product no.: T.1

A kit to make a 1:12 cantilever toolbox

In stock

T2 Tools Set

Product no.: T.2

A kit to make a set of hand tools at scale 1:12.

In stock

T3 Games

Product no.: T.3

A kit to make board games and dominoes, to suit 1:12 scale.

In stock

T4 Train Set

Product no.: T.4

A kit to make a toy train set, to suit 1:12 scale.

In stock

T6 Baking

Product no.: T.6

A kit to make baking items for the kitchen, at 1:12 scale.

Out of Stock

T7 Utensils

Product no.: T.7

A kit to make kitchen utensils, at 1:12 scale.

In stock

T8 Gardening

Product no.: T.8

A kit to make a set of garden tools, at 1:12 scale.

Low stock

T11 Box & Extra Track

Product no.: T11

A kit to make the box and extra track

In stock

T12 Railway Station

Product no.: T12

A kit to make a railway station to compliment kit T4.

In stock