D3 Signal Box

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A flat packed kit to make a model of a signal box.

  • Dimensions : 57x37mm for the main part, plus 17mm in the length for the stairs.
  • Materials & Detailing : flemish laid brick walls below with timber walls above, a slate/tile roof, and 3 layers at the sliding windows. Includes the tube for the chimney.
  • Suitable for OO gauge modellers, at 4mm to 1 foot.

This kit is based on a Mckenzie & Holland Type 3 signal box, which I understand was widely used throughout the network. It was commercially available for any company to purchase, and anecdotal information suggests around 20 different railway companies had at least one of this type. There is some variation in the type, sometimes being built longer to accomodate more levers, and staircases were built to suit the location. They were constructed from around 1876 to 1912, with some surviving today.


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