S15 - WDLR Class P Ration Wagon Kit (early variant)

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Oct 2019 : New! following a lengthy development the kits are now available.
Severn Models Kit S15
War Department Class P Light Ration Wagon (Early Variant)
Scale 16mm : 1 foot
The kit contains all materials to build the wagon, including metal tyre wheels, etched brass chassis fret, lost wax brass castings, springs, screws, wire, rivets, chain, eyebolts and rings. Planking and floor is provided in styrene strips of appropriate section sizes. All components are supplied unpainted.
The wheels and axles are supplied for 32mm gauge as standard, representing 2 foot gauge per prototype. The chassis fret can also be assembled for 45mm gauge, however at the moment I have no alternate 45mm axles to offer though this may be added soon if there is a demand. To make your own 45mm axles click here for a drawing.
The kit will build with functional hinged sides retained by eyebolt pins and chain, plus sprung axles, and a working brake lever.
Long fold lines in the brass are also eased with relief lines in the etch, so can be folded with a pair of flat pieces of metal used as simple bending bars. Components are tag-and-slot assembly where possible, to aid with soldering. This kit does require soldering of components (many Severn Models kits can be glued instead, but this is the exception).
For further details of this wagon type, see page 219 of the WDLR Album (RCL Publications) for clear photographs and prototype information. WDLR books and the Narrow Gauge & Industrial Review magazine available at https://narrowgaugeandindustrial.co.uk

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