S18 Ground Point Lever

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Kit to build one ground point lever, scaled at 16mm to 1 foot.  Also suitable for G scale, or can be geared to operate points at other smaller scales.

Lever length 75mm, and the base size is approx 31x19mm overall, 15mm tall.

Two bell cranks with pivot bases are included, with five clevises for attachment.

Kit includes etched fret, laser cut lever, 150mm of 1.5mm dia. brass wire for initial rodding & pivot pins, two sets bolt/nut/washer for bellcrank pivots, and two 0.5mm dia. piano spring wires for the latching function.


While some of this kit can be glue together, some parts should be soldered - especially if to be used on an outside garden track.

The full travel of the lever clevis is about 9mm, which can be 'geared down' by using the alternate holes in the bell cranks. With both bell cranks used, the travel can be geared down to a shorter travel appropriate for your points. Travel can be reduced to as little as 1mm if required.


You will need to drill / clear out some of the holes for pivots, and after soldering :

1.5mm diameter for snug fit brass wire joints

1.6mm for free moving pivots

1.7mm for brass bolt bellcrank pivots

2.8mm or 3mm clearance hole for bolt head


Supplied as a flat packed brass kit, requiring assembly & painting.

(Please see the 'Brass Wire, Tube & Chain' page if you need additional brass rodding wire or more 0.5mm piano spring wires. Drill bits are also available individually.)

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