About the Kits

About the Kits

Severn Models started in late 2014, following a successful crowd funding project on Kickstarter.com. If you would like to see how it all started, please take a look at the following link to Kickstarter : 

A House in Your Hand

The result of that project was the development of the first 11 models. Since then more new models have been created, now in several scales.

The Kits

Each kit is supplied in the form of flat brass sheets, etched with surface texture and fold lines. The parts are sized and shaped to assemble into a sturdy brass model, by means of folding the brass along the etched lines. There are 'tabs' at the corners to allow for the models to be glued together. Some modellers who are already adept at soldering could use that method too, though in all product testing I use glue. All the kits are supplied flat-packed and unpainted.

The model kits contains very small metal parts which may have sharp edges/corners. They are not toys, and are intended for adult model makers & collectors only. Please keep them out of reach of children at all times, including after assembly.


The Materials

The kits are etched from brass sheet, with each component ready shaped to accurate size. Surface texture is included to simulate tiles, bricks, door frames etc as appropriate for the building. The textured face enables a high level of detail to be visible, as the relief catches the light creating highlights and shadows. Extra relief is gained by setting doors and windows as separate components, to glue on the inside. This gives a realistic 'set back into the bricks' look. Once painted, thin ink washes can really bring out the effect giving life and realism to the model. The windows will be cut through allowing a tiny view inside, and clear acetate will be provided to simulate the glass.

Building the Kit

The model maker will need to cut the parts from the sprue and clean off the joining tags, similar to the methods used with plastic kits. Tools and glue (not included) will be needed such as small side-cutting pliers, needle files, abrasive paper, and tweezers to hold the small bits. A selection of suitable tools are available, please see the 'Tools & Glue' page. The parts then fold crisply on ready-etched lines, and are glued together.

The etched brass sheet that is the kit of parts
The etched brass sheet that is the kit of parts

Suitable adhesives are superglue or tiny dots of epoxy resin. Painting the model is recommended, but it is entirely your choice. I prefer acrylic based primer and paints, available at model shops. Paint is not included in the kit. (Always read the glue/paint manufacturers instructions!!)

Painted example
Painted example


Some of the pieces are rather small, so some parts of the kit will need your steady hand and keen eye. If you have ever built a similar scale kit before you will already be familiar with how tiny some things can be. As an example, a typical door in N Gauge scale will be about 13mm (a half inch) tall. The aim is for the assembly of the kit to be an enjoyable and rewarding process, resulting in a realistic and finely detailed scale model.

Suitable for : N, OO and O Gauge model railway, 10mm & 12mm wargames scenery, dioramas, or just as collectables!


Got an idea for a new model or feedback about an existing one? Send me your thoughts, the most popular requests may just get added to the range, and ideas for improvements are always welcome.

Use the Contact Me link at the bottom of the page, I look forward to hearing from you!