Customer Comments

Customer Comments
Here are a few of the comments received from existing customers, and the backers of the original Kickstarter project :
"This was an ideal starter kit for a newcomer to brass kits like myself. As others have said, the packaging was excellent - no chance of getting a bent etch through the letterbox - and the instructions were clear and helpful. The level of detail is great, and almost makes it a pity to paint the assembled kit. I look forward to building more of these! Highly recommended."
Jock, Leeds, UK
"I was most pleased and impressed with the quality of the kit, the instructions and the package and mailing. Arrived in perfect order!”
Bill, Oregon USA
"Thanks, great packing, and a great idea of the envelopes per kit. Can't wait to get around to building them, very clear instructions and excellent etching."
Mark, Oxfordshire UK
"Kits received yesterday and I'm very impressed, best Kickstarter that I've backed."
Michael, Wiltshire UK
"Congratulations on a successful kickstarter! I received my models here in the states and I'm impressed by the care taken in packaging and instructions and the level of detail on the model. Not really a railroad model builder but as an architect I appreciate the quality in these awesome little buildings!"
Cameron, Missouri USA
"Collected my package today. Great parcel, like the simple envelope packing and good instructions. Looking forward to a winter of building them. Success!"
David, Nottinghamshire UK