Xuron Micro-Shear Cutters

Product no.: TL.3

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Xuron Micro-Shear Cutters stand out above the rest for cutting small section soft metals.

The market is awash with cheap cutters that fail to cut cleanly, so I have hunted down the best in the business!

They have a tiny overlap engineered into the cutting edges, so you get nice clean square cuts, and they cut right up to the tip, good for reaching into small spaces.

Ideal for cutting the parts from your brass etch kits, and also great for getting the parts off plastic kit sprues.

These are my preferred cutters to snip the parts from the kits.


Note : to make sure these cutters stay in tip-top order, don't use them on large sections or hard, ferrous metals/steel. Also, they are not track cutters.

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