D10 Signal Box Interior

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Signal box interior kit for OO layouts (4mm /1ft)

Add an interior to your signal box for extra realism!

The kit includes 36 levers in three frames of 12 each. Each lever can be fitted in the forward or back positions to your own preference.

Also in the set is the shelf, block instruments, bells, level crossing wheel with mechanism detail, an armchair, wall clock, cabinet, stove with chiney pipe, and a hand coal shovel.


If you have the Severn Models signal box D3, you only need two frames of 12 levers, as this box had 24 levers. Extras are included for those modelling larger boxes.

As a guide to size for fitting into other buildings, the assembled model in the photos is 82x36mm on the floor with all 36 levers and the crossing wheel at the end.

(The floor and walls in the photos are for illustration purposes and are not included in this kit).


Supplied as a flat brass etch kit, requiring assembly and painting.


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