16mm to 1 foot

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S18 Ground Point Lever

Product no.: S18

A kit to make a large scale ground point lever

In stock

S23 Cranks Set

Product no.: S23

Additional cranks set

In stock

S15 - WDLR Class P Ration Wagon Kit (early variant)

Product no.: S15

A fine detail kit of the WDLR Class P Light Ration Wagon, 16mm to 1 foot scale

In stock

G1 Cantilever Toolbox

Product no.: G.1

A kit to make a cantilver toolbox, suiting scales 1:19 to 1:24.

In stock

G2 Tools Set

Product no.: G.2

Kit to make a set of tools, to suit scales 1:19 to 1:24.

In stock

Modelmaking Brass Chain 1mm Links

Product no.: XBC.10

Low stock

Modelmaking Brass Chain 2.5mm Links

Product no.: XBC.25

In stock